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About the E-chopper

About the E-chopper


Can I carry a bag on the E-chopper?

A backpack is easiest! And otherwise you can put a bag between your legs on the footboard.

Is the E-chopper insured?

Yes, it is WA insured, but the WA does not cover damage and theft. So it is advisable to take out a damage-theft waiver of €3.50 per E-chopper with your booking to reduce the excess. For the motor insurance click here  

Can I charge the battery during my trip?

No this is not possible if you do not have the original battery charger with you. Optionally, you can stop at another E-chopper rental location of ours (see map of rental locations on the website) to charge the E-chopper there, as they have our battery chargers there but this can only be done in consultation with the reception of that location.

How many kilometers can I drive with the E-chopper without recharging it?

You can ride 50 kilometers without recharging. The range decreases with more weight on the E-chopper (e.g. a child on the back) and depends on driving behavior and environment. You can only charge the E-chopper at the start/end point. Definitely NOT charge at general charging points along the way at coffee or lunch stops ince it will break the battery!!! In winter, so with cold weather, the range is also a lot less. Keep to a maximum of 40 km!

How does an E-chopper work?

Click here for an instructional video on how the E-chopper works. Hier finden Sie die Anleitung.  
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You can rent our E-choppers at hotels and holiday parks.

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