For Business


Carefree rental

Interesting business model

An extra revenue model, without investment in addition to your core business! Make use of our free reservation system where we set up your account for optimal rental and financial processing.

What do we expect from you?

  • Minor on-site maintenance of E-choppers.
  • A shelter or storage that keep the E-choppers dry.
  • Efficient rentals & promotion such as: putting the E-chopper(s) outside in sight of guests, communication on website and promotion.
  • Handling the rentals with the guests. If that’s all…

No risk

The E-choppers are third-party insured. Damage and theft risk lies with the renter. The renter gets the possibility to buy off his own risk!

Breakdown service

Breakdown on the road can be taken care of by the ANWB. We have a partnership whereby breakdown on the road with guests or breakdown on location, is taken care of!